What do I put behind my sofa?

I think that the hardest place to hang art is behind your sofa. I prefer to have it off the wall if at all possible, but that isn't always possible. I just think there is too much wall to work with and it gets tricky. Here are some tricks to help anyone who has a similar problem.

The Solo Shot – show off an important piece of art or a unique piece of sculpture to make a focal point in the room.

The Grid – a symmetrical grid combines to visually make one large picture. Pictures hung in a row horizontally will help to visually widen a space. Art hung in a row vertically will add height and draw the eye upward.

Gallery Style – This is a more informal look. Begin with a central picture and work your way outwards. Pictures can vary in size and shape but need to have something to tie them together, such as all similar colors or all black frames.

Start with the largest frame in the middle of the wall and surround it with the next largest frames; hang the smallest ones on the outer edges. Position the pieces no more than five to six inches apart, so they don't look disconnected. This is an attractive way to display old family photos, children's class pictures or a collection of small paintings for big impact in a room or hallway.

And Remember:

Pictures should be hung six to nine inches above the top of the sofa. The grouping or size of the artwork should be about two-thirds the overall width of the sofa. All other pictures should be hung at eye level, somewhere around 60-66" above the floor.

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