So I woke up early and drove to the middle of nowhere to check out this auction I have heard about. I have heard of a few places like Costco sending returns as well as some show home furniture being sent there.  While at first very overwhelming, I soon learned the ropes and figured it out.  I even bought a few pieces of furniture!  It was very scary.  I felt reasured when the auctioner told me I had a "good buy".  Here are the pieces I came home with.

This is one of the tables I got and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.  The inlay is amazing and it cost less than the end table I got a pier 1 at 75% off.  Love a good deal.

Here is the other table I bought today.  I have it temporarily in my entry right now.  I am debating painting all or part of it.  Either white or gray.  Possibly just the drawers?  We will see.