My inspiration photo-

I wanted to do something a little smaller and
in a different shape for my
new baby Chloe's room.

I found an image online that I liked then photoshopped it so I just got the silouette. My friend owns a projector so I used that to project the image onto the wall. If I dint have a projector I would have made a template for half the design and just flopped it- because its such a large image to trace.

Heres my starting wall- you can't really see my pencil marks-but just so you get a feel for the before and after

painted hot pink
I used 2 coats fof Benjamin Moore's Candy shop pink

For the outside border I measured 2.5 inches around the whole mural with a pencil and made dots then connected the dots to make the outline.

The next thing I want to do is write her name or make a monogram to go in the middle.
I think doing something like this for a wedding to display place setting cards or photos of the couple would be super fun to make for a client someday.

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