Orange 22

This weekend I had the chance to meet and talk with Dario Antonioni from Orange 22 Design lab.  While listening to him speak there were a few phrases that popped out in my mind.  I just wanted to jot these down as I found them really inspiring.

Design is manifesting something that doesn't exist.  You are making something out of thin air.

While coming up with a design, have the clients tell the story.  That story is what becomes a brand.  Narrow those feelings down to 1 emotion which leads to how every aspect is designed.  From signage, to packaging, that emotion will guide how it is presented.

And best of all:

Its not about strictly making money or making a difference.  You don't have to choose one or the other.

I was really inspired by a project Dario recently started  that is a beautiful product that also makes a difference.

"We consider Botanist to be a blank canvas. Like a t-shirt, the designer then takes this blank table canvas and they put their own designs on them. We provide select designers with an eco-friendly aluminum base of their choosing that might be an end table, cocktail table or a bench made out of eco-friendly aluminum- a material that is endlessly recyclable, always maintaining its integrity no matter haow many times it is reformed and shaped. The designers create unique designs with half of the royalties from each sale going to the foundation of their individual choosing, and the other half going to the designer."

Keep your eye out for your favorite designers botanist products!

Also check out the grid-it, an awesome and well designed product from Dario.