Vintage Chair Reupholstered

Today was spent helping a friend reupholster her dumpster chair. She actually bought the chair and a matching sofa for $5 at the local dumpster's salvage yard. Seeing the potential but too afraid to start the project, she had this chair stashed in the basement for about a year. We discuss it often, debating how we would finish it, fabric to use, etc. We finally decided that today would be the day. I packed the car with my staple gun, paint, brushes, (and son).  With a total of 4 kids all jumping in the chair, sitting in it, climbing on or over it, or fighting to get into it, its a miracle we got it finished. We learned a lot but took our time to get it done right. I must say I am really proud of this project.  I feel ready to tackle the sofa soon.  We are thinking of solid white.  I can't wait!




Total items found inside the chair:


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