Board and Batten Walls - DIY

This is what my entry looked like when I first moved in.  I changed the light.  This table I bought at auction and immediately sold.  It just wasn't the look I wanted in this room.  I know that the entry may not seem that important, but its an awkward space and was just calling out to have something creative and 'different' in it.

So I came up with a plan.  I have seen a few pictures of board and batten paneling all over the blog world  and I was convinced that we could do it.  I was also convinced the project would only take one day.  HAHA, jokes on me.

So for Valentines day I told my husband the only thing I wanted was to start this project.  I didn't realize in my project dreaming phase that my entry had really weird angles, meaning the boards would have to be cut at really weird angles.  Also, the previous owners had installed tile baseboards.  We debated whether or not to paint the tile white, putting paneling OVER the tile or just ripping it off.  I thought ripping it off would look the best but husband ended up having to re drywall a lot of places where the baseboards came off.  

This is what the board and batten looks like today.  I love it.  The room needed some color, so I painted this console table I bought a few years ago at target.
Vintage Handkerchiefts

The color was inspired from the framed vintage handkerchiefs with edges and embroidery that were crocheted by my great grandmother.  I love them and love the color they add to this otherwise neutral room.
entry before and after 
 I still have plans to add a colorful rug by the front door as well as stain on top of the paint color for the console.  I am just going to wait until we stain the deck outside and use the leftovers from that.  

What do you think?


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