Baby Girls Nursery - Design Question

blue and pink babys room  

A sweet baby girl is getting a new room. Her mom wanted this bedding (from land of nod) but wasn't sure what else to do with the space.

For paint colors, I would like to see a board placed about 6.5 feet up, painted white to match the existing trim.  Leave the lower portion of the wall the existing neutral paint color and go for a bold accent color on the top portion.  I have two suggestions, either a blue-green or pink.  

I suggested a white crib placed on the wall that you see right as you walk into the room.  Above the crib should be a unique statement piece, such as a DIY mobile of pom poms, lanterns, etc.

The cute dress print fabric would be cute as a pillow on a rocking chair and would be an easy design to make prints to frame for the room.


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