I changed my mind

 Have you ever heard of tonic- well if you havn't it's amazing! Retro printed upholstery fabric. I originally wanted to do a big floral print for the couch. But I saw this and fell in love. Plus its 3 times less and when you have to order 18 yards- thats an awesome deal! I also think it works better with my house.  All of my baseboards are black. I love the vintage feel- But I am also extremely retro in my style and love 60's influences. So I think I can put bright pillows on the black and white- that way If I ever get sick of my house- I think this couch will always always be quirky Bree. Im excited to start redoing my house. I'm painting a lot of stuff trying to use what I have just in different ways. So you like?
Antique couch in this print with the wood white?

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