DIY Car Playmat

Back in the day (a good 25 years ago) my aunt made my siblings and I a car mat to play with.  The grankids still play with it at my mom's house and I wanted to make one just like it.  My aunt used a yard of fabric that had a town on it, with streets, stores, houses, schools, etc.  Then she added on to it and personalized it.  No such fabric could be found when I went to make my own.

I preferred this method (making my own) to purchasing the inexpensive carpet at Ikea because it can fold up small and it can be washed.  The only downside was that I had to make the entire thing myself.

This was a real labor of love and I learned a few tricks for next time.  I would use smaller pieces of green "grass" fabric and iron them down to the grey base so they wouldn't move when I sewed them.  It would look a little more straight and less wrinkled if I did that.  I know for next time now!

After I finished this one I went to the states and found not exactly but a close enough fabric to use so I decided to make a car mat for my nephew whose name I have for Christmas (good thing he can't read yet!).

So for this mat I made it more similar to my aunts mat.  I used the basic fabric and added to each end.  I included Grandma's House, Airport, Hospital, school, church, etc.

Added bonus?  for the first mat I only paid $4 for the grey fabric, the rest was scraps I had on hand.  Second Mat - $5 for the green and car fabric.  PLUS all my hours and hours of work and stress.

What do you think?


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