Quiet Book - A Giant #DIY Finished

I have been working on a quiet book for a while now.  I actually compiled a few different patterns that I found online and a few others I just came up with.

 This is the outside.  Its still a work in progress because I am not sure if it needs a latch or handle or something...  TBD.
 This page is to button the flowers on.  They can also be stored in the little planter too.

 Pin the laundry on the line.

 Tic tac toe.  A lot of people have asked why there is an extra X.  IF you think about it, you are never sure who is going to win and there is an odd number of squares, so you need 5 of each X's and O's.
This one is just a scrap buster page.  Match the shapes (they snap on) to the shape below, outlined by markers.

 Counting.  Like an abacus, you can slide the beads across the ribbon.  I did this page on a whim.  It was the fastest to make and Jett seems to love it the most. 
 The mail box.
 The flap opens and there are note cards inside.
 Again, a last minute page because I can.  And another of Jett's favorites.  He loves to shove his trains in there and close the top.

 The biggest debate I had from the very beginning was how to attach the pages into the actual book.  I ended up using mini grommets and rings.

I just made 3 little loops for the rings to hook through and voila!  The main reason I decided to make the book this way was for the sole reason that if I have more kids I don't want to have to make another book itself.  I could just make more pages and take them out and hand the harder pages to the older kid and the easier pages to the younger kid.  I also thought if I needed something more heavy duty I could put the pages into a binder using the same grommet holes.

I hope to add pages to this in the future.  If you have any suggestions, love, hate or want one, let me know!  I love comments.


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