The To-Do with kids

I have been searching for a rug for my sons room for quite a while.  I fell in love with the ikea Rast rug, but they no longer make it.  It was a great deal at $7 and everything else just seemed to expensive after that price.  Enter:  DIY thoughts.
 Found this rug while cleaning out my moms basement.  I think it used to be in my brothers room.  Price: FREE!

 Son wanted to help, by running his trains on it!  I figured I could half pay attention to him while taping my rug.

 Spray painted the stripes on my driveway - finally a day sunny enough to do it!
The finished product!  (Please ignore the random ball under his dresser and random object next to his piggy bank.  We have been busy...)

Total Cost: $2 for the red spray paint. What do you think?  Worth it?

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