Gifts for New Grandparents! - Ultrasound Pictures

I keep hearing about all of these Shopping Malls in Utah that will give you a "gender scan" or "bonding scan" (which is ridiculous if you ask me) and you can find out the gender of your child from $20-$80 bucks.  However, everyone who blogs about these things wont share the secret locations.

I am not very patient and since I am planning a trip to Idaho Falls recently, I called up the Women's Health place and tried to book an appointment.  Maybe because its not a mall, and is actually a legit doctors office, they won't let me do a scan until 20 weeks.  WELL By 20 weeks I will already have had my full ultrasound. 
Since I am having twins I know that there will be many ultrasounds in my future, so the thought of paying for one (us cheap Canadians with no medical expenses) is hard to fathom.  But $20, I can do that!  

So I began googling "ultrasound in mall, Utah" and found this lovely site.  3-D and 4-D ultrasounds freak me out a little bit anyways, they just look creepy.  Look what they are selling now.  Just what you wanted for Christmas, a super creepy naked picture of your family member with an alien looking baby super imposed onto her pregnant belly.

This may be enough to keep me away from the mall ultrasounds.  OH and for those of you in Utah who want to JUST find out gender, check out Accuscan in Gateway Mall.  If you prepay its only $60.  Your welcome.


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