Sing You Home by Jodi Picoult - Book Review

Jodi Picoult - Sing You Home

About The Book:

One miscarriage too many spelled the end of Max and Zoe Baxter's marriage. Though the former couple went quite separate ways, their fates remained entangled: After veering into alcoholism, Max is saved in multiple senses by his fundamentalist conversion; Zoe, for her part, finds healing relief in music therapy and the friendship, then romantic love with Vanessa, her counselor. After Zoe and Vanessa, now married, decide to have a baby, they realize that they must join battle with Max, who objects on both religious and financial grounds. Like her House Rules and several other previous Jodi Picoult novels, Sing You Home grapples with hot button issues. The novel also includes a CD of songs, each matched with a chapter in the book. Perfect for book clubs

My Thoughts:

As usual, Picoult has me thinking in shades of grey and not black and white.  At the beginning I was very interested in this IVF baby and the struggles of the couple to concieve.  However, I find that the break up and new couples weren't developed very well and the new relationships seem to pop up out of nowhere.  It makes it hard to cheer for the ladies as a couple.  Whatever my personal beliefs, this book had me thinking about what I would do and how I would feel in that same situation.  I loved the ending and it changed my overall opinion of this book.  An interesting read, not for everyone, just the open minded.

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