A Christmas Countdown

So I am a bit of a scrooge when it comes to decorating for the holidays.  
I don't really have a great place to set out smaller decorations (that I do own and love, but never really put out).  SO I don't really read all the blog posts about decorating your mantle for ___________ season, or Halloween, spring, Easter, fall, thanksgiving....  decorations.  CHRISTMAS however, is another story.  I think Christmas only has the true feeling of Christmas when you look forward to it, plan ahead, listen to the music, bake, and all that goes with it including decorating.  That is not to say that my house looks all christmasy all the time, but I do enjoy it.

When I read this in my daily blog reading, I HAD To share.  Not for thanksgiving but would this NOT be the PERFECT Christmas countdown?

Thank you tip junkie, a non craft advent calender is coming my way!


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