Gender Roles - Moody Monday

As a mother I have always wondered where the gender lines fall.  
Could I have a cute floral nursing cover because I am a girl and that is what I like?  
Or should everything be blue because I have a son?  Must my diaper bags and baby gear all reflect the gender of my baby?  
What happens if I have a daughter next?  Would it need to be replaced? Can items reflect my own personality or my child's?

Does my son get viewed as girly because he likes to give kisses and hugs?  What personality traits have I taught him and what is just his inherent personality?  

A few months ago I put feathers in my sons hair.  I thought it was in style and kind of "Rock Star".  Certain family members thought that was too feminine for a boy. 

My son carries around toy trains in a purse.  The other day he wanted to paint his nails because he saw me doing it.  SO I let him.

Then I read this article and it all felt too familiar.  

I am dying to know, what are your thoughts?  Where do you draw the line?  What things are OK for children to mimic of your behaviors?


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