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Book Review - The Betrayal by Beverly Lewis

This book was much more of a page turner than The Covenant (the first book in the series).  It gets easier to tell which character is telling their story.

In this book we continue the complicated lives of the 2 older sisters but we also get to learn more about Aunt Lizzie and the 2 younger sisters.

This book satisfied my curiosity but definitely  leaves me searching for more.  I have a feeling I will be reading the entire series very soon.  I might have to read others in between though, this is not a quick read, skimming descriptive paragraphs book.

I love that this is a clean romance, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to my teenage niece.

This book was provided by the publisher, all opinions are mine.

** To any Calgary readers, I am giving away my copy of this book and the first in the series (The Covenant) to the first person who tells me they want them.**


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