Fancy couch part 1

Well first off you have to find a couch-I found mine at the okotoks junkyard- they have amazing treasures there. But I've also seen pieces like this on kijiji, craigslist ect. Just search every day! 

People list treasures all the time. I got lucky and I got this and a chair for 5 bucks and that even went to a charity- maybe they should've charged me more to take it away! thank heavens I have a friend who says Bree you could do it!- Thanks Keshia- it has been sitting  in my garage for 2 years- and Im so glad she helped me get it back home. Nick I love your truck ;)

So the second step was to take off the old fabric and see the condition of the couch. I'm warning you this was gross- it smelled like old- you know what i mean- that attic smell. I took some pliers and tore into the fabric at the top where there was a rip so I could see how the buttons were attached- they were brads YES! no cutting button strings so I unfolded all the brads and took the fabric off Febrezed the crap out of it- then vacuumed and scrubbed it down.

I kept the fabric after to measure how much fabric it took to put onto the couch( I originally thought Id use it as a pattern) but that is not necessary- so throw away the grossness after you measure- soo this couch including cushions was 16 yards- so I added 2 yards onto it just in case we had weird issues with lining patterns up ect. Its always better to be safe than sorry. 

I ordered the fabric- This is probably what took me the longest- finding cute modern upholstery fabric is hard. Brooke my interior designer sister in law told me about this website called Tonic- Its amazing- They had super fast delivery it was easy to check out and I loved the selection. Its also a great price for upholstery 18 yards of fabric like that scared me just a tad. So this was the perfect option. It was like christmas when it came to my door. I opted for black and white- because although I'm quirky and love color I need something that will go in any room in any house I move too. Because I do not want to redo this bad boy anytime soon. So bright pillows will be all over this lovely lady. ok so with fabric taken off the batting was in great condition so I decided to leave it.

4- replace batting- If your piece is not that great underneath you can always go buy batting at the fabric store and glue gun it down to the base- or fill in places that were starting to sink- just so everything looks even again because it will show when you put the new fabric on.

Then off to benjamin moore I went I had some old plain white builders paint in my basement but I knew it was way to stark to put on a piece of furniture so I tinted it with some samples from my living room in cable knit and windham cream. So the white ended up being warmer- and this way you can mix it until you like the shade yourself in small amounts. Then I sanded the couch with my little sanding tool- you can just use regular sand paper if you want I just hate the feeling of sandpaper so the little tool was amazing- you can buy them for 4 bucks at Benjamin Moore- they make life easier
So heres the couch painted- I know dosn't look like much- but when you see the architectural scrolls all painted white it makes me giddy. Its going to be lovely Im so excited!
The next step is to cut a piece of fabric that fits the length of the piece you are making leave about a yard on either side for pleating- if you run out don't worry pleating hides if you have to add more fabric. The most important thing if to start in the middle of your piece- center it pattern middle and furniture's center
fancy couch part 2 coming soon!