Reupholstering The Vintage Couch - The Saga Continues

See Part 1 of the Sofa Project Here.

After you've lined the center of the fabric with the center of the furniture you mold the fabric into the folds of the batting and or foam. In this case we kept the original form so we folded the fabric into it.

Have one person stay behind the piece and  push through the back where your tuft holes are- your buddy in the front takes the needle and thick thread (we used embroidery thread)- push your needle through the  button- and push it back through to your partner on the backside of the piece.

(After seeing more projects, I would also pull the left over ties to the side and staple them to the frame for extra strength).

 You can find upholstery buttons at any fabric store.
 I got white ones because then I didn't have to cover them with fabric- they already matched.

Mine were the 7/8 inch buttons- they kind of look like a toadstool with a hole in the bottom of the stem.

Don't worry too much about how pleated it looks you fix that after by just playing around with the fabric and fold it the way you want it to look.

The story continues, Part 3 is HERE.


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