Junk in the trunk

Ok so while browsing kijiji for some new spring redo projects I thought Id share what I thought was cool. This is in Calgary..if you'd like me to do your neighborhood shoot me a message

This couch caught my eye.. it's a lot like my polkadot couch... taht just got new cushions by the way.. ill post later this week. THis comes with a chair.. id do it totally different and put in different rooms..and comes with the french style tables and coffee table..once again id mix it up so it dosnt look like a "set"..but love the lines!

Loved the feel to dresser this and it's already white.. I might distress a but but like the look

Beautiful mirror I want to paint it mustard yellow

Remember People want to get rid of this stuff.. ask for it half price.. see if they'll negotiate. Squeaky wheel gets the grease